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...the ones that never leave you.

Disturbing Books
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A place to recommend or compare notes on the books that haunt you!

Welcome to disturbingbooks!

Come and post about the books (or stories) that haunt you, regardless of the subject matter. Fiction or non-fiction, short story or graphic novel... Whatever the genre, if it's a dark tale that's gotten inside your head and won't get out, it's a book worth mentioning here.

Most of the material we discuss here is more appropriate for the 18+ crowd, but membership is open to 14+ (be sure you know what you're getting into!).

This community is, obviously, all about disturbing things. Many of these things are adult in nature and most will surely be upsetting to at least some of our several thousand members. While it is never the intention of the moderators or regular posters to offend or trigger someone, the possibility exists due to the subject matter; this is inevitable. PLEASE keep this in mind before deciding to join. If you are especially sensitive to certain themes - you can see our Tags list before joining to help you get a handle on what we read - this community may not be for you. We try to be as responsible as possible and are always willing to hear members' concerns, while still maintaining this as a safe space wherein people can post about very dark reading material. It is imperative that you keep this in mind when you join! Thank you & we hope to see you on the inside...

  • If you're posting a recommendation, please include the full title and the author's name in the subject header and at the beginning of your post. Having the title and author in the subject header makes it easier for people to search the Archives by subject.

  • Any and all genres are welcome, as long as the book/story disturbed you or is likely to disturb others! If you're unsure, feel free to message prettyh or any of the maintainers (carabosse, for example), who will gladly advise you. Everyone's opinion is welcome. However, please remember that while disagreeing on a book is fine, personal attacks are not. Members who troll / flame / get personal will be banned.

  • Please put extra lengthy posts or anything that might be construed as PLOT SPOILERS behind an lj-cut! (For instructions on how to make an lj-cut, check out this entry of the LJ FAQ.)

  • Because LiveJournal only allows a limited number of "keywords" when adding an entry to the Memories section, we ask that you please keep each post to TWO BOOKS at a time! Feel free to make as many posts as you need, of course. Don't worry about "spamming" us with great recs! It's just easier if each post only has 2 books in it, to make sure everyone's recs for titles and authors don't get missed in the Archive. Thank you!

  • Our very solid and thorough Memories section includes EVERY TITLE AND AUTHOR that has been posted about in this community; the archive features entries sorted alphabetically by both author and title (it's alphabetical by first name for authors, unfortunately, but is still quite easy to navigate).

  • Any material (i.e. screenshots of book covers, passages from a story etc.) that has the potential to be offensive should kindly be put behind an lj-cut. Use your own discretion, and apply the NSFW rule. This IS a community for disturbing material, but just remember that some people might have this stuff pop up on their Friends Page while at work!

  • Making a post to ask other members if they can help you identify a particular book whose title or author you've forgotten is fine and welcome. Hopefully we can help! If you'd like to help your fellow members find what they're looking for, check the "I need help finding..." tagged entries.

  • Should you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions for the moderators/maintainers, you may contact them directly at disturbingbooks@gmail.com, or you might want to comment at the official Suggestion Post! All comments there are screened for your privacy, and will only be unscreened at your request (the entry is also closed to members only).

  • You can search for books by general subject using our TAGS feature, or you may choose to search by author name or book title in our MEMORIES section.

  • We're setting up a Book Swap post for members, where people can comment with books they have to trade and those they're looking to own; feel free to leave a comment there if you've got books (that belong in this community, we should add!) that you want to unload, or ones you're having a hard time finding elsewhere

A simple way to introduce/recommend a book is by following this basic format:
  TITLE: This is mandatory, if you're recommending a book or short story.
  AUTHOR: This is likewise mandatory. You can recommend just an author, too, as long as you tell us about them instead of only providing lists of their books. :-)
  AVAILABILITY: This is an optional entry. For instance, is the book easy to find or out of print? You could also add a link here to your favorite online bookseller.
  POTENTIAL TRIGGERS: This is a courtesy to the sensibilities of other members. It's much like the information you'd see as a keyword, but right at the top so that someone can skip a post topic that will distress them. Many people have subjects that hit too close to home, and thinking about those things is personally painful rather than pleasantly disturbing. We don't wish to censor anyone's posts, so it's much more preferable to use warnings or cuts in order to post as we wish while still being responsible about it.
  LJ Cut? This is a good place for an LJ cut, so as to shield artwork and details from the basic Friends page view, in case someone is at work or wants to heed the warning you put on the Triggers line. It's optional, but we'd be happy if you did it.
  WHAT'S IT ABOUT?: This can be a plot synopsis, your feelings about how and why this book disturbed you, or any other thing that you think would inform your fellow readers as to why they might or might not want to read the item in question. You can also include a photo of the cover, or an excerpt if it's available — anything you'd like to add to help other members decide if that book is up their alley is welcome!

This community is meant to be a place for information exchange and entertainment, so have fun & recommend as many twisted tales as you like!

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  • Anne Rice @ Fandom Wank
  • Join up at Good Reads and seek out fellow members there!
  • Feel free to suggest any other links/sites that relate to the authors & books we discuss here! The head mod (prettyh) will happily add to our community should you point her toward something relevant; you are also welcome to make a post about it yourself, if you like.

[ Community created September 2007 by prettyh ]

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